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Hi I'm Tom, a 24 year sports fan. I like almost all sports but in particular football, and in particular Chelsea FC. Other favourites are F1, golf, rugby union and cricket. In this blog I will attempt to cover any football topics that tickle my fancy including reviews of the past weeks action and any big stories, and I will try to be as un-biased as I possibly can (although we all know how hard this is when talking about your own team!). It is not my intention to provide updates on football news as this is readily available, but rather to provide some in depth review of the English Premier League (games, players, transfers) as well as praising excellent performances, decisions and games in general. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bombs Away

Ok so here goes...

I have started this blog as lately I have become a little frustrated at the amount of quality football games, analysis, punditry and review available to the average guy on the street (that is to say, those without Sky Sports). My girlfriend will be absolutely sickened by this but it is more of an observation regarding the quality rather than the quantity. And "quality" is not a dig at lower league or non-Premiership football. I generally find that MOTD fails to give the viewer much value. Sure, people want to see the highlights of the games but the analysis of the 'experts' I find to be quite tedious. This was summed up brilliantly for me by the ever enigmatic Alan Shearer during the World Cup 2010. Commenting on a young French player Mr Shearer said something along the lines of... "We don't know much about him but he looks something of a player". Brilliant Alan, just remind me, what's your job again?! To tell us about the players maybe?!

In this blog I also intend to cover some broader areas of football. It's part of the beauty of the game that everyone has an opinion and it's no different with me. What I do appreciate though are the occassions when two people are having a debate on a topic that they both feel strongly about and one will say "Fair point, I didn't think about it like that actually". This is something that obviously gets lost at games when the passion (a word thrown about a lot and one I may cover in the future) gets in the way. This situation is one that I would like to materialise through some of my postings and am more than happy to say it myself to any comments or anything else that I read. I think that footballers and football fans generally get a bad rep and a secondary intention of this blog is to provide some (hopefully) insightful comments surrounding the game I love rather than the all-too-common "Gary Neville has a rubbish moustache", "Stan Collymore is a loud mouthed idiot" or "Wenger should get his eyes tested" (however true they may be).

Anyway, the start of this blog ties in nicely with the title and the current situation in the Premiership. Chelsea are in the middle of their worst run of form in a very long time, sit 5th in the Prem and travel this evening to a Wolves team at the bottom of the table. Failure to pick up 3 points and it very well may be "bombs away" for someone. I will cover my thoughts on Chelsea's slump in a later post, hopefully off the back of a convincing win, preferably with a clean sheet. Elsewhere there is a tasty game in store with Arsenal hosting Manchester City; can either of the so-called "pretenders" to the title seriously dent the others' title dreams?

Elsewhere in sport the best of luck goes to the English cricketers who are currently the only ones standing between themselves and a historic 3-1 series Ashes win over in Australia. The Australians look throughly dejected at the moment and it is brilliant to see them being put to the sword, I only hope that the bowlers can finish them off to get the win that they deserve.

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