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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

There's no Gray area- it's black and white

The one thing that I keep hearing from those not agreeing with Andy Gray's dismissal from Sky is that "it was said off-air, the microphones weren't supposed to be on". This is completely irrelevant. Andy Gray is not only at work when the cameras are rolling and the microphones are on. He is also at work when he is in make up, doing his preparation or changing his shirt ready to go on air. So the fact that the microphones were or were not recording is irrelevant, save for the part they play in providing evidence against him.

It looks very much to me like Charlotte Jackson may have come forward after the comments about Sian Massey, the female referee's assistant, were made. Looking at the clip she did not react well to the comments about tucking Gray's microphone into his trousers. Instead she glossed over it and, with as much professionalism as she could muster, continued with her job. However there were no smiles or giggles; this was not received as banter. Seeing the furore and public backlash to the comments around Ms. Massey, I would not be at all surprised if that gave Ms. Jackson the confidence to come forward with what she quite rightfully took to be wholly inappropriate behaviour.

Andy Gray is of course entitled to his opinions, no matter how prehistoric they may be, however when he is working for Sky and in the position of broadcasting to millions (whilst allegedly receiving over one million pounds in wages it must be said) they are unacceptable and must be kept away from the public.

Let's see if Richard Keys survives...

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