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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Rafael rightly charged

This morning it has appeared that Rafael has been charged by the FA with improper conduct following his outburst at the referee having been sent off at the weekend against Spurs.

I think that this is absolutely the right course of action from the FA and that they should be applauded for taking positive action. Whether people feel the sending off was harsh or not (I for one think the ref got it spot on- the attacking player was brought down illegally- whether intended or not- and the defending side gained an advantage from this), it is unacceptable to behave in that manner towards officials. One I thing that I would say is that a monetary fine isn’t really a punishment. For a player earning £40,000 per week, a £10k fine is only 2 days work! And that assumes that it even comes out of the players pocket in the first place! Perhaps a system could be introduced whereby a first charge is met with a fine and a warning and a repeat offence of misconduct is met with a fine and a one match suspension? Making players miss games is the only way that I can see a cultural change being introduced into the game.

Anyway, well done to the FA in this case, maybe just look at making the punishments a little harsher!

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